Past Issues: Issue 14

Issue 14

When lines connect

If being magnetised to people you have something in common with isn’t the ultimate vanity, we don’t know what is. But we’ll be the first to admit that the connections between our growing team of creative minds this issue has got us convinced that we’re a pretty good mob to join.

We’re noticing a pleasing shift in attitudes about tackling climate change as individuals when we speak to Teagan Cowlishaw about her ethical and sustainable fashion label, Aarli. She has us convinced that we can continue tending to our wardrobes, in style, while leaving a smaller footprint on the planet.

And read all about the teenpreneurs turning rags into bags, Miriam writing her PhD on conserving the iconic Bird of Paradise, and Kathy always rebounding back to the divestment campaign in the Marshall Islands, even when she’s trying to focus on other things.

You’ll get plenty of chances to connect with influential women this issue, putting a much needed positive spin on contemporary feminism and politics, plus our wonderful new section on Women in Leadership, is in itself a great segue to all our sheroes impacting their communities positively by improving their minds and following their hearts.

And you’ll find some bonus recipes in this issue because it seems our contributors just can’t help themselves from sharing tasty goods. Plus, it’s no longer a full issue without the passion that glows from a well-styled wedding by Kama Catch Me.

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