Past Issues: Issue 06

Issue 06

We are all part of a living culture in the Pacific Islands, but we’re also in a constant tug-of-war with influences from the global economy, environment, and lifestyles. Here in Papua New Guinea we take real pride in our heritage, whether that be Southern, Momase, the Islands, the Highlands, or an exciting mix of these or other near and far cultures. At Stella, we think acceptance and curiosity for new and different things, things that influence us positively, are admirable traits and something we encourage in each issue.

Wherever you are from, this issue we hope you find something new to you that will make you smile, think, and even act, whether that be getting outdoors, supporting some local music, or challenging some social issues.

Oh, and if you enjoy celebrating your friends’ birthdays, you’d better get your party dresses ready, because Stella’s First Candle is right around the corner and invitations are going out soon. To be on the guest list, simply sign up to our mailing list online (if you haven’t already).

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