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Thu, 19 December, 2013

Wire Vase

Bold Love Fest is our inspiration today. These wire vases are great deco for the home or garden and also make excellent gifts for Christmas

you will need:
+ chicken wire (sold by the foot at most hardware stores in different patterns and thicknesses.)
+ wire cutters
+ interesting shaped glass objects to use as a “mold”
+ smaller pieces of wire
+ hot glue gun
+ spray paint

How to:
1. first, cut the wire down to workable sized pieces after you decide what shape you’d like them to be. wrap the wire around your mold object and form it into the desired shape. (TIP: wear gardening gloves to avoid being poked!)
2. use the smaller wire pieces or hot glue gun to fasten it into a closed object.
3. bend the wire at the bottom to create a sturdy surface so the object can stand freely then finish with spray paint.
4. style and stand back to admire their shapely silhouettes and your superior handy work.

Time: 30 mins


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