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Wed, 11 December, 2013

Tie a wooden bow

Monsters Circus really should take a bow for their tres beaux use of natural material in their gift wrapping finale here .. a veneer timber gift bow - or wall hanging.

You will need:
Stanly knife / utility knife

Possibly a bowl of water and towel.
N.B. you need to moisturise your veneers for flexibility and to avoid cracking. Either rinse under the tap or dip the pieces in a bowl of water then lay the pieces to dry.

How to:
1. Cut your veneers as follows
4 strips of 2 cm x 22 cm
4 strips of 2 cm x 16 cm
3 strips of 2 cm x 10 cm
1 strip of 2cm x 6 cm

2. Bend all the strips and glue the ends together.

3. Place the 4 largest arches first and continue with the middle bows and place them between (off centre) of the lower arches. Put the remaining 3 loops on and fold the strip of 6 cm veneer over the centre and glue the ends together (and glue it in the centre).

A little extra: You can also attach a colour felt or soft material to one side of the veneer as desired.


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