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Thu, 27 April, 2017

Thelma Thomas-Lesianawai aka MC TREY

We’re [or… Dusk Devi is] back with the interSTELLA series! Showcasing the stars of the Pacific, shining bright with everything they do and are.

Thelma Thomas-Lesianawai aka MC TREY is an ARIA nominated Australian hip-hop soul MC /vocalist/recording artist/performing artist, educating and electrifying audiences with her social justice rhymes.

World-wide Hip Hop warrior by night, youth arts worker by day, Thelma also facilitates music, writing and art workshops for young people around Australia. She started Fiji Youth Initiatives in October 2005, which encourages health, wellbeing and social justice through culture, creative arts, sports and education and actively promotes a positive self-image for young people of Pacific heritage.

Thelma has also worked in theatre, plus hosted a music TV show on Channel V, Australia. In addition she produces Pacific fashion and Pacific styled events...AND she will be launching her latest single ‘Daily’ this Friday April 28, 2017!

The free, all-ages release party will take place at Information & Cultural Exchange (ICE), 8 Victoria Rd, Parramatta, Sydney from 7pm and will feature performances and the premier screening of the 'Daily' video clip.  Filmed on the Fiji island of Viti Levu, 'Daily' showcases the majestic scenery and lifestyle of the local Fijian people.  

The song is a hip-hop/trap styled track produced by Australian producer Chasm with lyrics speaking of social issues and local and global changes, set to a smooth summery tune. ‘Daily’ is the first single from Thelma’s /MC Trey’s long awaited album.

For more info visit the event Facebook page:

Business name - Tapastry Creative, Sydney
FB: @MC.TREY.SYD   @TapastryCreative
Instagram: @treythelma
Twitter: @treymuzik
LinkedIn: Thelma Thomas

1.       Is what you’re doing now what you always wanted to do growing up?

I’ve always dreamed of being involved in music and travelling the world, and have been able to do that and so much more.

2.       Time travel: when, where and why?

I would go back in time to spend time with family and friends that have passed on, especially to see my dad Abraham.

3.       What are you most grateful for?

My family, my health, opportunities and abilities.

4.       What are your best traits?

Highly motivated, committed to achieving my goals, creative and a woman of my word.

5.       What colour would you use to describe yourself?

Green – vibrant renewable adapatable energy.

6.       Do you read? If so, 3 favourites and why.

Every day: Bible verses, I know why the caged bird sings, Letters to my daughter.

7.       What’s the first place you go online? Your 3 best sites?

FB, Insta, snapchat.

8.       How do you deal with stress?

Writing has always assisted me – this is how my lyric and story writing skills have been developed. I also love a talanoa (chat) with a bestie or if things are too full on – it's back to the motherland, Fiji.

9.       What is the craziest thing you have ever done (so far)?


10.   What’s your idea of a perfect holiday?

Beach, writing pad, pens, my phone and my family.

11.   Would you rather fly the plane or be flown?

Fly the plane – unless I’m on holiday or have a deadline to meet.

12.   Do you have a tattoo? 

Tattoo of Fijian masi patterns on my wrist as part of strengthening my connection to my Fijian culture and heritage.

13.   What’s your biggest indulgence?

Social media.

14.   If you could eat only one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Fijian raw fish dish: Kokoda and kumala.

15.   What is fashion to you?

Independent expression and confidence.

16.   Do you have a signature outfit?

Black everything with either thongs/old school sneakers or heels. Jazzed up with accessories (island/ glam/ hip-hop, etc)

17.   What do you believe in?                                

Family, unity, honesty, reliability and doing your best to contribute to make things better for the next.

18.   What do you want to be remembered for?

Someone who was known to be multi-talented, creative, passionate and loyal who paved many paths  yet always had time to lend a hand.

19.   What’s the one thing that people misunderstand about you?!

There is probably a lot but I’m not too sure or too fussed. Those who know me, know who I am and what my intentions are. I’ve been creating music and art since the 90s and also creating spaces for Pacific and multi-culturalism to thrive in Sydney and that is why I do what I do. For youth, for women and for our society. To make lasting positive impact in our societal structures.

20.   What do you wish someone would ask you?

How much do you need to make it happen?

Image credits

Picture 1: by Michelle Grace Hunder, MC Trey wearing Toni Compain. Out n about in Glebe, Sydney.

Picture 2: by Cecil Cheung MC Trey wearing Bayvick Designs at the Cyclone Winston Fundraiser in Sydney.

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