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Tue, 10 December, 2013

The chemistry of gak

In contrast to the royal crown making activity yesterday, today we will make gak. What's the difference between gak and goop (as activated on 3 Dec) you ask?

Well dear friends, gak is a bit firmer than goop. And involves different ingredients too, according to the The Artful Parent ...

You will need:

+ 1 bottle super glue
+ 1 empty glue bottle full of warm water + 1/2 cup warm water
+ 1 tsp borax (or laundry booster)
+ paint or food colouring

How to:

1. Squeeze the super glue into a bowl and stir in the warm water and paint.
2. Mix borax with half a cup of warm water the add to the glue mix.
3. Mixture will congeal and be very appealing to children.


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