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Sat, 21 December, 2013

Swirly tapestries

The Free People have just solved a mystery for us - the woven tapestry.

For this activity you will need
+ a large piece of cardboard
+ black marker
+ scissors
+ rope in various sizes and colours
+ neon twine
+ pompoms (optional)

How to
1. Make your cardboard circle 20 x 20"
2. Draw lines to make four sections.
3. Then add two more lines to make eight sections then 16 sections, then 32 sections all meeting in the centre.
4. Cut 1 inch slits along each line at the edge of the circle.
5. Wedge your twine into a slit and cross to opposite end along the line and wedge into the slit. Wrap around the back to the opposite side and through the slit to the right of the original slit.
6. Bring the twine across the front of the circle along the line and in to the slit to the left of the second slit.
7. Continue to wedge the twine into opposing slits keeping the front tidy (the back can be messier) until all the lines are covered.
8. Tie your rope to the centre of the circle where the twine meets and begin weaving the rope under and over the twine in a circle. (pull tight and do not leave spaces).
9. When your rope comes to an end attach a new colour to it and continue weaving. Hide any knots under the weave as you go.
10. Continue until finished weaving all the way to the edge of the circle.
11. One you have finished, tie the end of your rope to the edge of the weave and tuck under to attach pompoms. 
12. Turn over to the back of the circle where the card board is just a criss-cross of twine. Cut the twine off 2 inches from the edge of the circle.
13. Remove the twine from the slits in the cardboard and remove the weave rope from the cardboard. 
14. Knot the loose twine to the nearest loose end to hold fast. You are done!

You can make these in bigger or smaller sizes and with any variety of colours you like. Have fun!!


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