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Thu, 05 December, 2013

Concrete candle holder

Monster's Circus shares simple, creative and affordable activties. We love it.

What you need:

1 part concrete
4-5 part sand, (prepare the concrete according to the label directions)
A mould to cast in such as an empty soda can.
A bowl to mix your concrete in, and a spoon.
Paint stick to tap up and down in the mix to prevent air bubbles.


How to:

Mix concrete and sand and be sure that it’s well mixed. Add a very small amount of water and mix. The less water you use, the stronger your castings will be.

Pour your mix in your mould and tap up and down, shake your mould gently, so the concrete will even out. Put a candle on the top of the concrete and place something on it, to prevent the candle pressing up while the concrete is curing.

Leave it to dry overnight and once dried, gently pull the mould off.

Remember to use gloves and it’s a good idea to cast outside, to prevent exhaling the concrete when casting.


Paint the concrete as you like with metalic paints.

Take a photo and send it to Stella!!



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