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Mon, 09 December, 2013

Christmas crown

Design Love Fest has a fun crown-making activity for birthdays that we think blows away the flimsy Christmas Cracker Crowns that come out of the 'pop!' (and crowns are necessary during Christmas feasts).

you will need:

+ poster board (perhaps in shiny gold???)
+ scissors
+ pencil
+ craft glue
+ glitter, gems, sequins, pompoms, anything glittery that you can get your hands on
+ small binder clips

how to:
1. DOWNLOAD CROWN TEMPLATES HERE and print two copies out.
2. cut them out and tape or glue together to make the length of the crown (we’ve made one crown that is small and sits on top of your head and one that will fit around it. but if you want to make either bigger or smaller (say for kids) all you have to do is add or subtract length by printing an additional template or cutting one down.
3. lay down the template on the backside of your poster board and trace the shape with your pencil.
4. cut out your crown base with scissors.
5. glue as much stuff to your crown as you can come up with…glitter or gemstone, and sequins on top… 
6. finally, wrap the ends around, apply glue and secure with a binder clip until dry.

Looking grand!!


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