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Tue, 12 March, 2013

Bread Boutiques

Blé has made us weak at the knees for all the sweets, cakes, breads, cookies and even ice-cream displayed in a way we are used to seeing next to “DO NOT TOUCH” notices. But guess what? We can touch, and better yet, we can eat.

Blé (pictured upper left) is what happens when architects, interior designers, and bakers understand each other on another level. Located in Thessaloniki, Greece, this modern bakery cum bread gallery just gave us a new reason to start replanning the itinerary.

With sit down or take away, the bakery looks ideal for a tea break or lunch in a quiet pedestrian area of the town. (Agias Sofias 19, Thessaloniki, Greece)

Meanwhile, a little closer to home in Melbourne, Australia, Daniel Chirico has opened his second bakery “Baker Di Chirico” [website coming soon] and left the design to the creative talents of March Studio (pictured lower left). You won’t see a coffee machine here. It’s strictly bread, pastry and nougat at this bread boutique in Carlton. Yum.
(178 Faraday Street, Carlton, Australia) 


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