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Wed, 22 April, 2015

Born to Dance

Born to Dance is the coming of age story of 'Tu' (Tia Maipi), a young man from Auckland who dreams of becoming a professional hip-hop dancer.

When his father, a Sergeant in the New Zealand Army, issues him an ultimatum - find a purpose in life by the end of the summer or enlist - Tu decides that dance is his way out.

Offered a chance to try out for K-Crew, a prestigious international dance group, Tu juggles the pressures of his job, his demanding father and turning his back on his own dance crew. On top of all this, he falls for Sasha (Kherington Payne), the girlfriend of K-Crew's malicious leader, Kane.

Also starring Australian Idol 2009 winner Stan Walker as Benjy, this multi-million dollar, high-energy feature film is choreographed by "Queen of Polyswag" Parris Goebel and directed by Tammy Davis.

The film trailer was released today and is available exclusively at Flava.

Born to Dance is set to be released in September 2015.

IMAGES VIA FLAVA.CO.NZ exclusive trailer


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