Stella Issue 17

Welcome to Stella

27 December 2012

A Tad Awesome

Seasonally suitable illustrations from Nicole Tadgell.

19 December 2012

Balloon fun

With 6 days till Christmas, we are ripping open a packet of balloons for fun.

17 December 2012

Twig Mobile

Get your favourite paints out and scavange some sticks and twigs for today's activity. 8 days till Christmas!

14 December 2012

Christmas lanterns

Start saving your toilet rolls this week and promote them to the Christmas dining table. 11 Days till Christmas !!

13 December 2012

Peanuts ornament

12 days till Christmas and our tree is looking for more ornaments. What could be better than peanuts?

12 December 2012

Lucky Star

With lucky number 13 days to go till Christmas, make a bunch of these lucky stars today out of colourful strips of paper.

11 December 2012

Christmas Garland

With 14 Days till Santa visits, put the finishing touches on your home decorating with pasta garlands ..

10 December 2012

Painted stick snakes

Counting down to Christmas with 15 days to go we'll be blogging an activity a day for an enjoyable holiday season with the kids.

14 October 2012

Don’t leave

Meet these delightful characters sketched from various fallen foliage by The Sketching Backpacker.

13 October 2012

Aoife Soden Glass

We raise our glasses to the delicate works by Irish glassmith Aoife Soden.

30 September 2012

Two Trees

a miniature cafe slotted into the garage of an independent-eco-outdoor-designer-fashion boutique

27 September 2012

Tiny Please

There is something about really little things or really big things that can always attract a crowd.

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